itamin E Whitening Soap x10 Plus 80g

itamin E Whitening Soap x10 Plus 80g

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Vitamin E Whitening Soap x10 Plus  80g by Perfect Skin Lady is a popular product from Thailand that helps to cleanse and moisturise the skin while keeping it soft, supple and fresh. It aides in reducing freckles, dark spots and brightens your skin. It contains collagen that helps reduce skin hole grooves and tightens pores. This soap strengthens collagen in the skin layer, making the skin look and feel smoother. It helps reduce wrinkles  and anti-free radicals.

This soap is rich in Vitamin E, a well-known powerful antioxidant with great anti-aging properties; it is an excellent free radical scavenger, vital in protecting skin cells from pollution, UV light and elements that produce cell damaging free radicals

For optimum results, this product is best paired with:

AR Vitamin E Moisturizing Cream/Lotion Enriched with Sunflower Seed Oil

And AR Vitamin E REejuvenating Whip Facial Wash (SKIN-SMOOTHER)

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