Sumifun Vitiligo Antibacterial Cream

Sumifun Vitiligo Antibacterial Cream

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Package:1pcs without box

Product Name:New Sumifun Vitiligo Antibacterial Cream
Net weight:20g

Scope of application: used for skin White spots/Vitiligo/Psoriasis/Mycosis Leukoplakia

How to use: Apply this product directly to the white spots, 2-3 times a day, while basking in the sun

1.Safe, non-toxic side effects and low allergy ratio

2.Natural herbal extracted

3. Effect Relief white spots/Vitiligo/Mycosis Leukoplakia etc.

Matters needing attention: external products, do not enter the eyes; those with skin allergies are prohibited.
Storage: sealed, placed in a clean, hygienic, dry and ventilated place

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