Feique Herbal Extract Whitening Anti Freekle Day & Night Cream

Feique Herbal Extract Whitening Anti Freekle Day & Night Cream

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FEIQUE Herbal Extract Whitening Day Night Cream in Bangladesh

  • Type:Whitening Anti FreckleCream
  • Style:Day Cream+Night Cream
  • Ingredient:Papaya Extract
  • Net:20gx2
  • Quantity:2Pcs/Set
  • Barcode: 6936712919986


This product contains natural whitening elements and nutritional hormone extracted from various plants. The product is also mixed with nourishing antibiotics, anti-inflammation elements and various vitamins.

The product boost double whitening factors which can directly disintegrate and eliminate the black sports formed. The product can penetrate into the deep hypodermis to crack down the lurking blisters and disintegrate melanin until eventually reach the effect of whitening.

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