Positive Root Therapy Onion Oil

Positive Root Therapy Onion Oil

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Positive Root Therapy Onion Oil is a hair growth oil. It hill help you to enhance your scalp & hair quality. your dull, dry, and thin hair weakens the hair follicles from core. It is an amazing onion oil for hair. it contains a balanced composition of rare natural ingredients like Onion Castor Oil, Argan Oil, Sunflower Oil, Rose Oil, Sandalwood Oil, Amla etc.

It also contains Bhringraj. It help to fasten the effect of onion oil on your hair and make hair lustrous, shiny and healthy. This Red Positive Onion Oil is vegan, organic and free from paraben or other harmful chemicals.

It is a potent blend of proteins, minerals and vitamins. It helps to improves the scalp and overall hair quality. It repairs hair and enriched in Amino Acids. Amino Acids release DTH, which enhances hair thickness and bounce. All the natural ingredients in this onion oil for hair growth are safe as well as effective. Besides that, the ingredients are cold pressed via traditional methodology, which suits the scalp better and works on all types of hair.

Onion Oil
Human hair is made up of ingredient called keratin and which is rich in sulphur. Sulphur present in the hair, ensures that the elasticity of the hair remains balanced and energetic. Onion on the other hand is full of sulphur which can inturn keep brittle hair away

Indian Margosa
Indian Margosa tree: Commonly Known as Neem, the flowers of this tree are used to derive oil which inturn can be very beneficial for the scalp. This oil nourishes the hair follicles and may strengthen the hair roots

Going back to the ancient remedies for hair quality enhancement, Hibiscus is one of the most renowned herbs that has been used since ages. It has gained popularity because of its ability to stimulate hair growth.

Shea Butter
Shea Butter is a staple for natural hair care regimen. Hair care and Shea Butter goes hand in hand. Moisturizing the scalp is as important as moisturising the hair. This oil with Shea Butter ensures that your scalp remains moisturised so that you can flaunt anytim

Bringhraj oil for hair growth
Bhringraj might rejuvenate your hair, by possibly slowing down the hair ageing process. It can penetrate the scalp and help in treating dry scalp. Bhringraj also helps in fixing hair, foster hair follicles, avoiding split ends

Sandalwood oil for Sebum Reduction
Sandalwood oil has been used and may be required for optimal hair growth. Additionally it also helps to get rid of excess sebum on the scalp, leaving it clean & clear. It might retain the moisture and give your dull locks a natural shine.

Castor oil for Hair Growth
Castor oil contains ricinoleic acid and omega-6 fatty acid. Therefore, when massaged onto the scalp, it may help in providing enough nutrients to the hair and the scalp. It might stimulate hair growth from dormant follicles.

Argan oil for Frizz free Hair
Often called ‘liquid gold’, Argan oil is rich in Fatty Acids, Vitamin E and antioxidants. It might make your hair softer, silkier and shinier. It can also provide nourishment to your scalp, thus possibly avoiding any hair problems.

How to use onion oil?

Take few Drops of The Positive Root Therapy Plus Red Onion Oil on your palm. Also make sure that your hair is completely dry so that the oil penetrates deep into your scalp
Massage the oil gently onto the scalp, with your finger tips. Cover the roots thoroughly. Use your fingers gently while massaging, try not to rub hair follicles too hard or it may result in hair breakage. s
Leave your hair unwashed for at least 30 minutes or over night For best results, leave overnight. Let the oil penetrate deep into the scalp, thus providing all the major benefits.
Rinse with cold water, which will help in closing the cuticles, thus retain the necessary moisture.

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